About Noah & Company

Noah & Company was established to provide excellent care and learning environment for the children in our care.

Our program will teach educational and moral lessons. Designated Staff will teach Bible lessons weekly. This center will be a lighthouse in the community. Parents and community will know us for our disciplined children, attentive staff, parental support, and educational activities.

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Our programs & curriculum

Our programs teach both educational and moral lessons with a focus on physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual skills all in a safe, nurturing environment.


6 weeks - 13 months old

Classroom is currently closed
This program is designed to provide and safe and nurturing environment for your child.

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13 months - 3 years old

Classroom is currently closed
This program is focused on developing your child's motor skills as well as social and cognitive skills.

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3 - 5 years old

This program is focused on preparing your child for kindergarten.

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School age

5 - 12 years old

This program varies on the child's age focusing on physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual skills.

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  • The staff is absolutely amazing, they treat each child as if it was their own. Beth, potty trained my son in no time, she definitely has the magic touch. Michele and Dawn work with you and your child from the very beginning of care. I truly wish every daycare was like this one!
  • Christina
    They teach independence and problem solving, as well as helping the children make and maintain friendships. They kept my husband and I abreast of any concerns that needed attention and worked together with us to carry out the course of action. The center’s curriculum was fun, while following the requirements of their schooling. During school breaks the center had a lot of fun activities and field trips that the kids enjoyed. They still talk about the friends they made and the fun times at Noah & Company.
  • Denise
    I have and will continue to recommend Noah & Co. to anyone that needs a daycare provider as they are on top of all the regulations in today’s new world, and the care they provide is above and beyond what any parent could ask for. They always have fun things for the kids to do, and a routine which all children at young ages need. The staff at Noah & Co are educated on how to care for children of any age.
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